Your Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

If all your kitchen cleaning supplies are stored in a neat and easy to access manner, cleaning your kitchen would not be such a terrible and time consuming chore.

If you are having one of those days when the time just hangs on your hands and you have nothing to do and nowhere to be, it might be a good time to organize your kitchen cleaning supplies. The first step would be to empty the cupboards in your kitchen and gather all your kitchen cleaning supplies in one place. If you are one of those people who like to cram things under the sink, don't forget to gather the kitchen cleaning supplies from there as well.

The space under the sink looks like a convenient place to stash away less frequently needed kitchen cleaning supplies, but it can get very messy and disorganized, making it very difficult to find the right kitchen cleaning supplies when you need them. Difficulty in finding the supplies is one thing, but anything stored under the kitchen sink is likely to expire or get ruined.

Once you have gathered all the kitchen cleaning supplies from under the sink and the cupboards in your kitchen and bathroom, it is time to go over them one by one.

Throw out any damaged or expired product. You could also throw out all the kitchen cleaning supplies that you have not used in a long time. Many people don't realize that kitchen cleaning supplies do have a shelf like and they lose their effectiveness after a period of time. So there is no point in hanging on to the really old products. Toss them out and don't look back.

If you still feel compelled to store something under the kitchen sink, reserve the spot for a few of the most frequently used kitchen cleaning supplies. Glass cleaners, paper towels, dish washing liquid and an all-purpose scrubber and disinfectant could be the more frequently used kitchen cleaning supplies.

As for the other kitchen cleaning supplies, make sure to store them away from food stuffs in a cool, dry place. If you happen to have young children or pets around the house, it is a good idea to store kitchen cleaning supplies in a cabinet with a childproof lock, as some of the cleaning products can be quite toxic

Cleaning your kitchen

The greatest chefs in the world, would be lost without their kitchen cleaning supplies. An unclean kitchen environment can be a great health hazard. Cleaning your kitchen might be an unpleasant and distasteful duty, but it is a necessary one all the same.

Keeping a clean kitchen is an important step to prevent your friends and family from acquiring any illness through contaminated food. Your kitchen supplies are not merely for organizing and storing, but also for using. Use them to clean your kitchen regularly. Make sure that your kitchen is a hygienic and healthy place to cook.

While cleaning the kitchen it might be useful to make a distinction between cleaning and sanitizing. To clean something is to make it free of dirt. But sanitizing an area involves disinfecting it and removing all traces of harmful bacteria and other disease carrying agents.

Areas of the kitchen that come in contact with food, such as table tops, counter tops, dishes, the inside of the refrigerator, the dish racks and the dish washing machines should be thoroughly sanitized. Floors, wall and other areas of the kitchen can be cleaned.

Cleaning is a straightforward process, and all the equipment you will need is some soap and water. Sanitizing on the other hand requires specialized chemicals or heat of over 180 degrees to kill the bacteria. Since heat is not a practical option in most homes, a disinfectant can be used instead. The kitchen counter top, dishes, containers and cutting boards must be sanitized without fail.

In fact, when it comes to cutting-boards, it is ideal to use different boards for different food items. You could use boards of different colors to identify the boards that go with particular foods. If this sounds like a bit much, at least consider using two boards, one each for uncooked foods (beef, chicken and other meats) and foods that need no cooking (fruits, cheeses) before consumption.

Organizing your kitchen supplies before you start cleaning your kitchen can make it a lot easier. It is also a good idea to switch of the telephones to avoid distractions. If you also throw on some peppy music, you can actually have a little fun cleaning your kitchen!


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